He Growled At Everyone Approached Him – Watch this! UNBELIEVABLE!

Have you heard the amazing story of Diabolo, the rescued black panther? He is currently situated at Jukani Wildlife Preserve in South Africa which was started by a veteran police officer and his wife, together they have built a huge conservation area for big cats of all types.

Their aim is to save as many big cats as possible especially from working farms and cruelty. Since Diabolo was rescued from a highly abusive zoo, he hasn’t come out of his enclosure for six months and will snarl at anyone who approaches him. The staff are at a loss what to do and don’t want to lose him – so a journalist networked them with Anna, the woman who can talk to animals.

Anna claims to be able to ‘telepath’ with animals by projecting a series of images in her mind and allegedly receives a clear response in the same manner. Sceptical? Sure! But check out the video and see for yourself.

Ever since Anna’s intervention, Diabolo has since begun to settle down and is now recovering from his troubles. The staff at Jukani have renamed him ‘Spirit’ due to his now relaxed nature.

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Original story via: Damn.com

Odhinn Guided Meditation – Vol. 1



You are in a green woodland forest, wandering slowly along the untrodden path, staff in hand and listening to all the sounds of nature that call to you. You understand them, and hear their message. You are at one with the land as you walk upon it. Continue reading Odhinn Guided Meditation – Vol. 1

Rune Talk: Ehwaz

Rune Talk Tuesday: Ehwaz – Horse Rune.
“The mind will trust the body, the body will trust the mind.”

Welcome to this Tiwazdaeg’s rune talk, lead by Ravenwolf. Today we are going to discuss the basic elements and history of the Horse Rune as part of our ongoing series on the 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark.

Ehwaz can represent harmony, teamwork, trust, and loyalty when drawn in rune casting/reading, and often represents the energies of a bond between a couple Continue reading Rune Talk: Ehwaz

Rune Talk: Sowilo – Sun Rune

Rune Talk Tuesday: Sowilo – The Sun Rune.
The guide leads you to the doorway, then waits for your return.”

Hail and welcome to R.T.T for all of the new fans we have gained lately. Every Tuesday we will do a rune talk on one of the runes we can find in both our history as tribes and as a civilization. Continue reading Rune Talk: Sowilo – Sun Rune

Rune Talk: Nauthiz – Need-Fire

Rune Talk Tuesday: Nauthiz/Naudiz – Resistance, Need, Effort.

Today’s rune talk will be short and sweet due to a real lack of energy and falling asleep at the keyboard lol.

So anyway, today we’ll be talking about Nauthiz and its role as a rune of the 24 Elder Futhark. Most of you already know this, but there are those new to our ways who are becoming Continue reading Rune Talk: Nauthiz – Need-Fire

Rune Talk: Kenaz, Torch/Ulcer

Rune Talk: Week 8 – Kenaz – Torch.

Today we will be discussing Kenaz, the Torch rune, and the Kindred rune.. they are all one and the same but serve a different purpose to each individual. – Kenaz represents the light at the end of the tunnel, controlled energies, truth, bringing problems to light and facing our troubles head on.  Continue reading Rune Talk: Kenaz, Torch/Ulcer

Rune Talk: Gebo – Gift

Rune Talk Tuesday: Week 7 – Gebo; Gift.
“For every gift a curse.”
Assigned to the letter ‘G’.

Gebo literally means “Gift/To Gift/Give”, while it represents Exchange, Sacrifice and Sacred Marriage, and is one of the key runes of hospitality & honor.

When we examine Gebo as a rune in the Havamal we find many indirect references, rather than by name, we see them by character. Continue reading Rune Talk: Gebo – Gift